[nSLUG] The joy (or lack thereof) of RedHat

Dop Ganger nslug at fop.ns.ca
Thu Jul 3 19:22:01 ADT 2003

On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, M Taylor wrote:

> Have you tried to build the GNU vanilla version of this release of glibc?

No, from what I understand it *has* to be the latest updated version of
glibc from RH8.

> I don't see anything that looks redhat specific, look at the diffs
> in the SOURCES directory for an idea of what changes RedHat's package
> applied to the tarball. Is this glibc from the 8 release, or the newest
> from updates?

It's the latest from the updates.

> I suspect more of a usual headache of GNU development toolchain, and
> an extremely sensenative source code (glibc).

I have a suspicion that the existing glibc code (possibly the headers
including NPTL code?) might be what's causing the problem. The only
solution I can see is, er, to build and install the RH8 glibc in order to
build and install the RH8 glibc.

Cheers... Dop.

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