[nSLUG] Aliant vs Eastlink

ykk at rootdown.net ykk at rootdown.net
Tue Jul 1 23:25:47 ADT 2003

> My thought: the aggressive reallocation of IP addresses (via
> DHCP) was part of a network design to deter residential users from
> running servers, including intra-Mpowered servers (think file sharing/p2p
> and ftp servers).

	intra-Mpowered users can presumably still run servers off the 10.x
ip, which afaik never changes. This switch to PPPoE makes me nervous
though, because that implies they'll be bringing in monthly transfer caps
in Nova Scotia, like sympatico seems to have everywhere else.

	It's somewhat unfortunate, I've been with mpowered for years, back
when they used to promise incredible speeds (7/1.5mbit? something like
that) ... they swapped out my old paradyne modem a couple months ago, and
capped me at ~1.5/ ... I dunno, 768? I'm sure someone who works with MTT
(or with a clue) could tell me. Service is getting steadily worse, more
interruptions, longer waits for tech support.

	Oh well.

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