[nSLUG] Aliant vs Eastlink

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Tue Jul 1 12:51:32 ADT 2003

I'm looking at my Cable bill of roughly $50/month just
for internet access and wondering if it would be better
to get the bundle of services from Aliant.

In checking out their conditions, I see this:

  Unlimited Service for an account does not translate into
  allowing an account holder to remain connected even while
  away from the computer or to use a 'ping' type program to
  keep their connection alive, such as, but not limited to,
  checking email every 5 minutes 24 hours a day). 

I have a couple of accounts at home that are being fed
with fetchmail every few minutes.  I didn't think this would
be excessive in contrast with running a server or using
the current P2P stuff.  Can anyone with experience running
Aliant's DSL service comment on what the real world picture is?

--Donald Teed

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