[nSLUG] connecting to the internet in Linux via DSL, revisited

Gord Duff g_duff at telus.net
Tue May 28 20:22:13 ADT 2002

Hello. I noticed there was a post about two months ago
about connecting to the internet in Linux via DSL.

Did you ever get that problem figured out?

I have recently installed Mandrake Linux 7.0-2, and
now I'm in the same boat as Shaun was (can't connect).

During a Redhat install, I remember there being a screen
where you can specify that you obtain an IP address
via DHCP. There didn't appear to be any similar TCP/IP setup
screens at all during the Mandrake Install though.

Like in his case, the techs don't know what to do if it's
not Windows or Mac OS. 


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