[nSLUG] Recommended NIC's

Jason MacLean jmaclean at cs.dal.ca
Tue May 28 10:04:03 ADT 2002

Thanks for your input, as well as anyone elses.

The card I was looking at is a true 'tulip' card, its a DEC 21143, but I had
no hands on experience with it, which is where the question came from.  I've
used Intel Pro100's before, they come pretty highly recommended but I had a
few problems with configurability on one of my past jobs and so I've opted
to stay away from them.

The 8255x is based on the EEPRO set of drivers, isn't it?

- Jason

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In order of preference:

 - any *real* Tulip based card - ie one with a DC2114x chip on it, not a
 - Intel 8255x based cards
 - RTL8139 based cards (cheap, but they do work well)

On Mon, May 27, 2002 at 08:40:15PM -0300, Jason MacLean wrote:
> Just wondering what everyones favorite (affordable) NIC's are?
> I'm looking to pick up a few NIC's for server use and figured you might
> some insights.  I remember Tulip chipsets were very popular among the
> Administrators I've been in contact with, but I'm open to
> - Jason
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