[nSLUG] Recommended NIC's

Paul B wes_902 at hotmail.com
Tue May 28 03:16:58 ADT 2002

>	If I wanted quality, I'd get a 3c905c (not the cx).  They've got

Just my two cents about the 3c905cx-tm series (even tho Jamie is right about 
not suggesting them).. The little retainer clips for the cat5 are made out 
of plastic, one little off pull and snap they are gone... (out of 60ish 
cards so far 5 have broken)... Its terrible for the card price..

>But if you're putting money into a server to handle high volumes,
>skimping on the NIC seems silly to me.  That's like using all season
>tires on a car you want to drive fast.

Ditto, I use Intel Pro100+'s.. Decent card.. decent price... if you shop 
around.. usually around $40-50 cost (Its been a few months outta the 

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