[nSLUG] Recommended NIC's

Jamie Fifield fifield at ghost.nslug.ns.ca
Tue May 28 01:11:07 ADT 2002

On Mon, May 27, 2002 at 11:25:53PM -0300, Jason MacLean wrote:
> Ahh, the ALN-325 I belive.  I've personally sold about 15 of these babies to
> friends.  They're decent performing Realtek 8139's.  I've found em to be
> really compatible, but I'm not sure about their use in server applications
> which is why I asked.
> Have you run them in any high volume machines?
> - Jason

Depends.  Define high volume?  When I ran my tests, they performed
pretty well.  Just a little lower throughput than a 3c905c (which
means nothing because drivers can make a huge difference there).  I
don't know about latency (which also means nothing because drivers are
different there as well).

If I was buying a card:
	If I wanted quality, I'd get a 3c905c (not the cx).  They've got
	a nice large cache that the linux drivers can now use before 
	starting in on the ring buffer.  They have hardware support for
	some common IPv4 functions which the drivers at least partially
	use now.

	If I wanted a good price/performance ratio, I'd get that
	AOpen (provided they still use the genuine Realtek chipset).
	For $14 you cannot go wrong.

This is all based on information I vaguely remember from a few months

But if you're putting money into a server to handle high volumes,
skimping on the NIC seems silly to me.  That's like using all season
tires on a car you want to drive fast.


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