[nSLUG] Halifax Area Personal Computer Club : Invitation

William Marchant wmarchant at ns.sympatico.ca
Mon May 20 12:46:36 ADT 2002

Hi All,
	The regular May meeting of the Halifax Area Personal Computer Club is being 
held at 7:00 PM on Wednesday 29 May at the
      Scotia Branch (No 25) of the Royal Candian Legion
      5837 Cunard St  Halifax N.S.
      In the TV Room.
      The building is facing the Halifax Commons between Robie and Agricola 
Streets.   Next to McDonald Apartments.
      The Legion parking lot is at the right of the building and is available 
for our use. And further parking is available on adjacent Streets.

The subject of this months meeting is LINUX.  We will have a computer with 
dual boot Windows ME and Mandrake 8.2, and attempt to compare and discuss the 
virtues of Linux over Windows.

	Members of nslug are cordially invited to attend.  We would particularly 
welcome anyone who would be willing to talk (informally of course) on the 
subject, and thus help our membership to  understand what is going on in the 
Linux world.
	Normal attendance at our meetings is about a dozen people.

Bill Marchant

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