[nSLUG] Got Spam?

Jamie Fifield fifield at ghost.nslug.ns.ca
Fri May 17 02:08:40 ADT 2002

Hey guys, I've got a little project I've been playing with recently
and I thought I'd potentially offer the service to you all.

What I've been doing is taking the spam I receive and, with a couple
simple shell scripts, take out the IPs of all the hosts from the mail
headers.  The scripts run a few checks, and submit them for testing
with ORDB (ordb.org).

A very simple idea and project, and I've enjoyed pretty good results 
so far.  I'm hoping to open it up to a wider audience (i.e. you :).
So I'm looking for help; there's a problem with the process that I'm
not sure how to solve, but for the most part the thing does the job.

If you want to help out by submitting your spam, bounce the message
(with full headers!!!) to spammenot at nslug.ns.ca.

IMPORTANT: If your bounces do not include the original spams headers
then there is no point.

If anyone is interested in the coding side of things, just reply and
we can look into the details.  It would be nice to see a slightly more
technical discussion on this list, (not that I'm knocking all the
usual questions).  What I've done is just a quick hack, so I'm sure
there are better methods.  


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