[nSLUG] Updating Mandrake

William Marchant wmarchant at ns.sympatico.ca
Thu May 9 10:17:46 ADT 2002

Hi all,  
and to Bill Davidson,

	Thank you for the answer to my question.  I accept your rant.
	First of all, let me say that I have been using Linux for less than a year.  
I, and several of my friends, have been looking for an alternative to 
Windows, for some time.  We believe we have found it in Linux.  In 
particular, Mandrake.  Since all of us have other things which take up our 
time, the progress is necessarily slow.  The learning curve includes such 
things as simply giving the right answers to questions during the install 
process.  I admit that this is the lazy-man's way of doing thiings, but as 
long as no serious applications were involved, practicing installing the 
system in its various versions provided useful knowledge.  I now have 
Mandrake 8.1 on my desktop, and the data I have generated with the 
applications is something I do not wish to lose. 
	I obtained the source code for KDE 2.2.2 from a disc attached to a magazine. 
When I tried to compile it, I found that several of the required libraries 
needed updating.  I downloaded the libraries and tried again but I did not 
know how to resolve problems of the "could not find" type, and I then 
postponed further attempts due to other time consuming tasks.
	Shortly after this, I obtained a set of disks for Mandrake 8.2, which 
included the new KDE, and other things which I thought would be useful.  I 
have successfully installed it in a partition on my laptop.  I suspected that 
the modem would be a problem, and it is, but everything else seems to work 
	I have been programming for Dos and Windows for quite a few years, using 
Pascal, and now Delphi, and I have considerable expertise with these.  I am 
not acquainted with C or C++, and many of its virtues and faults are 
strangers to me.  Now that Kylix, (the Linux version of Delphi) is available, 
I have started moving my Windows programs to Linux.  I have had some success 
with this, but there is much still to do.  I, like you, enjoy writing 
programs.  I realize that I need to know more about C, but I can only do one 
thing at a time.

Bill Marchant

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