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Wed May 8 02:43:47 ADT 2002


I have posted rants like this before, but here I go again...

Windows is a closed-source, buggy OS which, when it breaks, demands that
one re-install it.  Too many of us have got into the habit of
re-installing stuff just because something doen't work the way we expect.
I deplore this mindset.  When stuff doesn't work, we fix it!

So, when you say:

> 	I have tried and failed to install KDE 2.2.2 on my Mandrake 8.1.

exactly what do you mean by "failed"?  I mean, after all, what is kde but
a bunch of programs and libraries?  Installing programs and libraries is
something that any computer-literate individual who admins a unix box
should be capable of.  If you tell us how your attempted upgrade failed,
we can probably help you fix it.

And, while we are on the subject, what is a linux distribution ("distro")?
It also is a collection of a kernel, programs, and libraries.  Once in a
while there are massive, system-wide changes that really make it simpler
to re-install than upgrade (eg., the aout to elf change around kernel
1.2.13 IIRC (and libc4 to libc5), the libc5 to libc6 change, etc.), but
just updating something like a desktop environment should not require the
installation of a whole new distro.

Mind you, I am one of those nerds who actually *likes* compiling and
instaling programs.  I have recently compiled and installed libc-2.2.5,
and upgraded (binary) from XFree86 4.1 to 4.2, plus a bunch of other
programs and libraries that I compiled and installed.  ( I would actually
like to compile XFree86 from source, but I am still modem-connected and
actually do have a life. )

So anyway, ask yourself "What is the difference between
<distro>-<version-n> and <distro>-<version-n+1>?"  In all likelihood you
are looking at some bugfixes in the installation program and a few minor
upgrades that you could accomplish yourself without much pain (less than
an upgrade).

Having said all that, you should be able to install your new distro
without breaking any of your applications, but I have never installed or
used Mandrake and am probably wrong.

So anyway, what problems did you have installing the new kde?

Bill Davidson
bdavidso at supercity.ns.ca

On Tue, 7 May 2002, William Marchant wrote:

> Hi,
> 	I have tried and failed to install KDE 2.2.2 on my Mandrake 8.1.
> 	The better solution in the long run is probably to install 8.2 which is now
> available to  me.
> 	Question:     I know I should back up my data before I start, and I
> certainly intend to do so, but what can I expect in the way of having to
> re-install my applications?
> 	Can anyone give me some idea here?
> Bill Marchant.
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