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Wed May 1 13:31:11 ADT 2002


Booting from the internal hard drive but having most of the OS on the
external drive should be no problem.  Just have a small partition on the
internal drive, which you can mount under /boot, which contains your
kernel image.  Make sure that the kernel contains drivers for the external
drive.  Tell LILO to use the external drive as the root device.

Having said that, I think it is a bad idea.  The parallel port drive will
be much slower than the IDE drive.  If I were you, I would first determine
what is consuming space (and growing) on your current install, then just
move that stuff to a partition on the external drive which you can then
mount in the appropriate place.  For example, if your home directory tends
to consume a lot of space (all those mp3's or whatever), just copy
everything under /home to a partition on the external drive and set up
/etc/fstab to mount that partition as /home.  Then all your programs are
still on the fast drive, but your data files in your home directory are on
the slow drive.

Bill Davidson
bdavidso at supercity.ns.ca

On Tue, 30 Apr 2002, Lt-N.SM.Donohue,CFNOS Halifax,CSN 447-8409,0801 wrote:

> I have bought a Microsolutions 40GB external hardrive to extend the life of my P90 Toshiba with only 850MB of disk space.  I use RedHat 6.2 and have had no trouble with my ZIP disk.  I now want to re-install linux on the external drive (parallel port) and boot from that when I have finished.
> I can't get my bios to automatically see the new drive when I try to install.
> I have noe experience using the PARIDE drivers.
> Does anyone have a step by step explaination for me?  I went to their
> web site and they say it is supported.  Is it possible t boot from my
> internal drive but have the OS in the external for space reasons?
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