[nSLUG] Broken PCI bus?

Thomas Graham miguel at accesswave.ca
Wed Nov 7 15:15:48 AST 2001

would you mind to send us ifconfig msg before broken, after broken and
pickup again msg ?
I need some info about that ..
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Subject: [nSLUG] Broken PCI bus?

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> Hello everyone..
> I've had this weird problem with my network for about a year now.. I've
> up with many solutions, workarounds and fixes and I seem to have finally
> found the problem: it seems as though on the firewall machine, PCI-based
> cards (I've tried 3Com and Realtek NE2K-compat PCI)  cause the
> internet connection to "die" -- the (cable) modem lights stay fine.. but
> connection ceases to work.  I know that it's not the card's fault because
> I've now tried 3 PCI cards (all different chips) and they all generate the
> same problems while ISA cards do not.  Also, these cards seem to work
> with the modem on other machines.
> The weird thing is, when I simply reset the modem, leaving the (possibly)
> broken computer untouched, the connection picks up again... for another 10
> minutes or whatever random value it chooses.
> I have the internal network running through a seperate ISA card and it
> fine.  Come to think of it, I've run the internal network through the PCI
> card(s) and that works fine too.  This seems to be a problem explicity
> between the modem and one machine's PCI network cards.
> Have you guys every heard/seen something like this before? Am I correct in
> thinking that the PCI bus might be broken somehow, therefore causing the
> modem to "shutdown" and need to be reset? How would it do so? ...naively
> imagining a short of some kind sending a bogus signal or electrical jolt
> the network wire and into the modem.  Would simply picking up a new modem
> from Eastlink solve this? How can I diagnose the PCI bus if indeed there
> might be a problem there? Or can one bad card, no matter where it is on
> network, cause the modem to cease sending/receiving packets?
> Any comments/help would be greatly appreciated.
> Cheers...
> Matt
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