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The mailing list has returned, however the new web interface for it is not yet set up. To subscribe and perform other tasks, please use the email commands common to `mailman3`. You may want to check in via the IRC channel for assistance, details below.

NSLUG is a low-key Linux Users Group based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. NSLUG generally met monthly (tentatively during the summer months) on the first Monday of every month (or the second Monday, if the first is a holiday). We have hosted both social and technical meetings, lectures and events. It is preferred to check for any recent announcements on our mailing list, as the chance of a social meeting (or tech talk) occourring cannot be assumed. Meetings as described below are left for historical purposes, and incentive to revisit any opportunites for community.
We do have an IRC channel (#nslug) on OFTC if you wish to pop in. If you use XMPP/Jabber, the IRC channel can be bridged by


Due to a change of priorities discussed by list members early-to-mid 2019 - and cemented by the public health crisis in 2020, there will be no attempt to meet this year (determined as of July 2020). Further, the following schedule for 2021/2022 serves only as a pattern for intended meeting dates that are already conditional and tentative.
2023 2024
Jan 2 Feb 6 Mar 6 Apr 3 Jan 8 Feb 5 Mar 4 Apr 1
May 1 Jun 5 Jul 10 (*) Aug 14 (*) May 6 Jun 3 Jul 8 (*) Aug 12 (*)
Sep 11 Oct 2 Nov 6 Dec 4 Sep 9 Oct 7 Nov 4 Dec 2

Social Events

This is a less formal atmosphere than the tech talk events. Grab a coffee, and chat with other members for an hour or two. Some people bring their laptops or other devices (Raspberry Pi, tablets) either to show off something they've been working on, or to get technical assistance.

Social events are held the first Monday of nearly every month (the second Monday is chosen when the first is a holiday) held from 5:30 to 7:30pm, or whenever people decide to leave. We meet at the Uncommon Grounds coffee shop on South Park Street, Halifax (between Victoria Road and Inglis Street). The main entrance is below street level. Wheelchair access is located around the side, to the left of the main entrance.

Tech Talks

NSLUG occasionally hosts a series of technical events where members may give a talk. When held, it replaces the traditional social event where we get coffee. Tech Talks begin at 5:30pm, running about two hours, and have typically been held in the Jacob Slonim Conference Room (4th floor, room 430) in Dalhousie's Computer Science building on University Avenue (come in the main entrance, and take the elevator to the 4th floor - signs will direct you from there to the conference room). Alternative locations, as well as topics are always welcome.

The idea is to have members present something they've been working on, or run a tutorial on some cool technology they're familiar with. If you'd like to present, the length of talks are typically one hour (45 min + questions), or a half-hour (25 min + questions) to pair with a second talk. Please e-mail the mailing list requesting a slot at the next event.

Topics of interest include:
If you'd like to help, but don't want to give a talk, there are several things to help with. We would need posters, flyers, and signs made; we need someone to make contact with like-minded organizations; as well as a point of contact for the organization of future tech talks. If interested in handling any of this, please make it known at a social event or (even better) in the mailing list.