[nSLUG] Monitoring service available

Daniel MacKay daniel at bonmot.ca
Thu Nov 24 10:43:58 AST 2022

Hey you!

If you run a server and would like monitoring and alarms on it from some other machine (because if it goes down, or becomes unavailable it won’t be able to tell you it has.)

I have a machine in the RBX5 data centre in Roubaix, France and have built a monitoring package I call The Rover (named after a 1990s monitoring package) in a fairly similar format to Nagios - it’s like a baby Nagios. 

I’ve built monitors for smtp, web service, web content, specific services being up, ssl cert expiry, on the local machine checking disk space and asking systemctl if all services are up.

It’s very easy to build more modules and “agents” which can run on remote machines and could report e.g.  disk space, power supply temperature (to detect when the fan fails) etc .

So, if there’s something you worry about falling over and would like to have it checked (or graphed, I loves me MRTG) send me a note.

Daniel MacKay (he/him or any)
Bonmot Publishing
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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