[nSLUG] Issue with TrueNAS & network

HOG westpennanthog at eastlink.ca
Thu Nov 10 17:54:59 AST 2022

Hello All,  

I’m looking for some advice / help with a newly built NAS.

It is configured as follows:

Acer Aspire c2008
325 GB HDD  primary / OS
4 x 2TB Baracuda HDD - for NAS
3.5 GB RAM - yes, way less than required but apparently all this machine can run with. 
TrueNAS Scale - Debian iso
Configured as Mirror x4

I installed and setup TrueNAS successfully (which I was unable to accomplish with OpenMediaVault - it would just - not - work).  I have two pools set up, one for Samba and the other for NFS. 

I have setup the network and individual ips for the three machines (Lenovo, iMac, Ubuntu Server). 

I can get into the NAS from my Lenovo ThinkCentre p58 via FireFox and the T-NAS GUI.  However, I am unable to tell my any of the machines on the network to save their files/folders to the NAS.  They just do not see it. 

When I open a file folder on the Lenovo or iMac to look at my Network, I cannot see my T-NAS machine.  However, they can see and access one another’s file systems. 



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