[nSLUG] KVM on Mint 19.3

Herb Theriault herb at theria.ca
Wed Feb 2 15:50:39 AST 2022

In my experience, anything involving communication with external hardware interfaces through VMs is an enormous pain. If you’re just using VMs for ‘security’ reasons, it’s not worth keeping them. Install the distro on bare metal, and enjoy the rest of your free time :)

> On Feb 2, 2022, at 14:38, HOG <westpennanthog at eastlink.ca> wrote:
> Gents et al,
> While having issues with getting my two Software Defined Radios (SDRs) - ADALM-Pluto and RTL-SDR Blog.COM v.3 - to work on Linux Mint 17.3 I finally bit the bullet.  At first, I upgraded to 19.0 via a DVD iso image and then pushed it to 19.3 by using the built in software manager.  Still no - major - joy with the SDRs.
> Rob Braxman - the Internet Security Guy on YT suggested running everything as a virtual machine. So now I have QEMU-KVM (sp?), but as an alternate user and could not log in. What did I do wrong?  I’m better at woodworking than Linux, but barely. They’re both humbling hobbies.  
> Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. 
> Regards,
> Bill
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