[nSLUG] KVM on Mint 19.3

HOG westpennanthog at eastlink.ca
Wed Feb 2 14:38:11 AST 2022

Gents et al,

While having issues with getting my two Software Defined Radios (SDRs) - ADALM-Pluto and RTL-SDR Blog.COM v.3 - to work on Linux Mint 17.3 I finally bit the bullet.  At first, I upgraded to 19.0 via a DVD iso image and then pushed it to 19.3 by using the built in software manager.  Still no - major - joy with the SDRs.

Rob Braxman - the Internet Security Guy on YT suggested running everything as a virtual machine. So now I have QEMU-KVM (sp?), but as an alternate user and could not log in. What did I do wrong?  I’m better at woodworking than Linux, but barely. They’re both humbling hobbies.  

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. 


Sent from West Pennant, NS

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