[nSLUG] Setting up a NAS

HOG westpennanthog at eastlink.ca
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I’m just rereading your post again; as I started working on this project in earnest today.  And thank you again for your reply.   In looking at the FreeNAS link once more, I see that it mentions being able to also provide a backup of your data;!which is what the 4TB drive in the same computer will do, hopefully.  I was planning to use Open Media Vault as I did not want a cloud based system linked to my machine. So again, your suggestion has given me pause for reflection.  As a woodworker I’ve learned the importance of ‘measure twice, cut once’.

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> If you have no plans to also use this as a desktop, it might be worth looking into dedicated NAS operating systems like 
> https://www.truenas.com/truenas-core/

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