[nSLUG] Any experience with setting up 'Ubuntu Single sign-up'?

Frank Geitzler frank.geitzler at ns.sympatico.ca
Mon Sep 6 15:03:56 ADT 2021

I am installing Ubuntu 20.04 on a 'new-to-me' laptop, and have reached 
the point where it suggests 'Livepatch':

"Canonical Livepatch helps keep your computer secure, by applying some updates that would normally require restarting."
*Would you like to set up Livepatch now?*  " with the two 'buttons' <Set Up Livepatch...> and <Legal notice>

[I decided that would be a good idea, and selected the 'set up...' 
button. After giving it authorization to do so, I was advised that in 
order to use Livepatch, I need to use an Ubuntu One account for  
'Single-sign-up', which enables cookie tracking for Canonical to 
automatically install these updates. Accepting this automatically gives 
consent to the use of cookies.]

"By selecting ‘Accept’, you consent to the use of these methods by us 
and trusted third parties.".

[In addition, it required me to sign up for 'Ubuntu Single sign-up' 
which I think (but am not sure) is an extra-cost option.  I don't really 
want 'single-sign-up, but at any rate, going through this process, I 
found options to limit my tracking choices. I didn't want to choose 
'accept all', so I scrolled down.  The choices (if you can call them 
that) were;]


Enables the site’s core functionality, such as navigation, access to 
secure areas, video players and payments. The site cannot function 
properly without these cookies; they can only be disabled by changing 
your browser preferences." [There appears to be no choice here.]

*"Performance*" [followed by a ‘ON/OFF’ graphic, which does not appearto have a 
default. in addition, the graphic does not have text to indicate which 
is 'on' or 'off' -when you click one both change color -one changes to 
'Back' and the other changes to 'White' -and when then you click the 
other, they effectively change position. This is confusing to me, as I 
can't be sure now whether the 'Black' means 'Off' or 'Selected'.   "Collects information on site usage, for example, which pages are most 
frequently visited."

*"Functionality"*[followed by a similar ‘ON/OFF’ graphic...]

"Recognises you when you return to our site. This enables us to 
personalise content, greet you by name, remember your preferences, and 
help you share pages on social networks. [Idon’t chose to use social 

  <Save preferences>

I don't plan to make use of Ubuntu's 'offsite storage' either -I prefer 
to keep everything 'in-house.

Does anyone have more experience with these options which you care to 
share? I have been using Ubuntu for over 10 years, but have had no 
experience beyond Ubuntu 18.04, and want to put Ubuntu 20.04 on this 
'new' computer. There is no real rush, but would appreciate some 
feedback to dispel my confusion. Thanks, Frank

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