[nSLUG] A summertime NSLUG/HCC backyard social

Joel Maxwell jaymax at runbox.com
Sat Jun 26 21:45:56 ADT 2021

Followup - Saturday July 10th is the date for the backyard social - raindate Sunday July 11th.

Time between 2PM and 5PM - if there happens to be more interest than what outdoor guidelines will be by then, the end time will be extended to allow for milling in and out. FWIW, the end time isn't a hard stop anyway.

Anyone who needs a physical address, please reach out and I'll send a private reply. HCC members may have a delay in seeing this email - there appears to be issues with that mailinbg list this week.

Now let's hope for sun!


On 2021-03-03 20:20, Joel Maxwell wrote:
>Not particularly. I presume that would happen organically - this
>wouldn't (necessarily) be a tech-talk style.
>The most technical scenario would be gear set up on makeshift tables
>and power breakouts with the respective display brightness cranked up
>in lieu of shade - but even that can be too much for natural sunlight.
>The "format" would be more like the coffeeshop outings, except
>outdoors, ability to spread out over 100 square meters (or so), and
>generally an excuse for a social event for those who lacked that for
>many months.
>I'd imagine there would be talk of projects that received attention due
>to more time at home, reactions to computing paradigm shifts (e.g. the
>work-from-home model), and bouts of justified paranoia. 😄️
>Joel Maxwell
>On Wed, 2021-03-03 at 23:26 +0000, Malcolm MacDonald wrote:
>> Looking for topics?
>> Malcolm MacDonald
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>> Hope everyone is doing well in spite of the variety of lockdowns,
>> bubbles, and other forms of isolation.
>> I hosted an NSLUG social at my house the summer of 2019, and I plan
>> to
>> re-mix the idea this coming July. It'd be in my backyard to help
>> cover
>> most chances of contingency plans, during the afternoon of a July
>> Saturday or Sunday (the 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th, 24th, or 25th
>> depending
>> on the weather) while avoiding the long weekends.
>> More details to follow once the warmer months approach, but sending
>> this message now to get the idea out well in advance. Only other
>> detail
>> I'll add for now is that my residence is located in the
>> Hydrostone/Convoy Place area of Halifax.
>> Feel free to add some chatter in the lists.
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