[nSLUG] A summertime NSLUG/HCC backyard social

Joel Maxwell jaymax at runbox.com
Thu Jul 8 07:15:56 ADT 2021

Another followup since I've been watching Hurricane Elsa.

To my fears that a storm would push to the rain date: "Let it goooooo". :^D

As it currently/still stands, see you all Saturday.

>Joel Maxwell wrote:
>>Followup - Saturday July 10th is the date for the backyard social - 
>>raindate Sunday July 11th.
>>Time between 2PM and 5PM - if there happens to be more interest than 
>>what outdoor guidelines will be by then, the end time will be 
>>extended to allow for milling in and out. FWIW, the end time isn't a 
>>hard stop anyway.
>>Anyone who needs a physical address, please reach out and I'll send 
>>a private reply. HCC members may have a delay in seeing this email - 
>>there appears to be issues with that mailinbg list this week.
>>Now let's hope for sun!
>>On 2021-03-03 20:20, Joel Maxwell wrote:
>>>Not particularly. I presume that would happen organically - this
>>>wouldn't (necessarily) be a tech-talk style.
>>>The most technical scenario would be gear set up on makeshift tables
>>>and power breakouts with the respective display brightness cranked up
>>>in lieu of shade - but even that can be too much for natural sunlight.
>>>The "format" would be more like the coffeeshop outings, except
>>>outdoors, ability to spread out over 100 square meters (or so), and
>>>generally an excuse for a social event for those who lacked that for
>>>many months.
>>>I'd imagine there would be talk of projects that received attention due
>>>to more time at home, reactions to computing paradigm shifts (e.g. the
>>>work-from-home model), and bouts of justified paranoia. 😄️
>>>Joel Maxwell
>>>On Wed, 2021-03-03 at 23:26 +0000, Malcolm MacDonald wrote:
>>>>Looking for topics?
>>>>Malcolm MacDonald
>>>>geekymalcolm at outlook.com
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>>>>Subject: [nSLUG] A summertime NSLUG/HCC backyard social
>>>>Hope everyone is doing well in spite of the variety of lockdowns,
>>>>bubbles, and other forms of isolation.
>>>>I hosted an NSLUG social at my house the summer of 2019, and I plan
>>>>re-mix the idea this coming July. It'd be in my backyard to help
>>>>most chances of contingency plans, during the afternoon of a July
>>>>Saturday or Sunday (the 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th, 24th, or 25th
>>>>on the weather) while avoiding the long weekends.
>>>>More details to follow once the warmer months approach, but sending
>>>>this message now to get the idea out well in advance. Only other
>>>>I'll add for now is that my residence is located in the
>>>>Hydrostone/Convoy Place area of Halifax.
>>>>Feel free to add some chatter in the lists.
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