[nSLUG] running Ubuntu 20.04 under Windows 10 WSL

Rory rory at unixism.org
Thu Aug 5 16:24:17 ADT 2021

Everyone's mileage will vary, of course, but I find WSL to be slow. 
WSL2 is even slower for any kind of disk access. So much so that I'd
rather run Linux in a 'proper' VM instead of trying share the windows
file system via WSL. So, if you're mostly going to be using Linux, I'd
work on making it the primary OS and, if needd, run windows in a VM.

But I also have a long standing dislike for all things Windows. Feels
like being trapped in someone else's maze :-) I'm spoiled in that my
workplace fully supports Linux desktops with Windows 10 VMs. I'll boot
my Windows VM on rare occasions (maybe once a month) to address
MSOffice incompatibilities or somesuch.

On Sat, 2021-07-31 at 11:06 -0300, Frank Geitzler wrote:
> I have been running Ubuntu for almost 20 years on a laptop which
> still 
> has Ubuntu 16.04, but also used WinXP both in a VirtualBox and in 
> several old towers to support several Visual FoxPro databases I 
> the towers reached the end of their useful life, and had to go.  In 
> addition, Ubuntu and Microsoft dropped support for WinXP, and that
> old 
> little I know, but I just acquired a new-to-me HP EliteBook 8570P,
> with 
> a fresh Windows 10 Pro on it.  I intended to wipe the Win10, and
> install 
> Ubuntu 20.04, but before doing so I did a bit of reading, and
> discovered 
> a bit of information on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).
> I haven't worked with Win10, and am not sure I want learn Windows
> again 
> to do so. It will mean dealing with MS again, and I haven't done so
> for 
> a long time.
> Before I make a decision I wanted to inquire if anyone locally could 
> provide me with any information or experience you may have with WSL. 
> Do 
> you use it, or have you any intention to use it? Any warnings or
> kudos? 
> Please let me know.
> Thanks,
> Frank
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