[nSLUG] Who's Hiring/Interviewing Locally?

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On 10 September 2017 at 11:08, Robbie MacGregor <robbie.macg at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> This is a bit unorthodox, but I'm trying to help my sister's partner with
> a job search. He's newly arrived from Germany, needs to secure employment
> as a visa requirement. He's up on modern web stuff (HTML5, CSS3, JS, SQL,
> etc.), has a bunch of Microsoft certs, and is looking for leads… any leads
> (programming work, IT, security, whatever). So, I'm sharing a note like
> this to a couple of likely groups/lists in the hope that somebody wants to
> make a suggestion or knows of an outfit currently hiring/interviewing.

Networking with the German-speaking community may lead to jobs that require
computer skills and technical German language skills.  He might have to
start out at the volunteer level, things like offering technical support
for Windows to the German community.

Sascha would do well to touch base with local offices of German companies
as well as Canadian companies that do business in Germany.   He may find
someone who has a worthwhile project that was put on the shelf for lack of
anyone with his skillset.  There are also businesses that use specialized
German software and equipment and would benefit from his skills to read
technical manuals or to improve communications with the manufacturer's
technical support group.

> This is the fella in question:
> Sascha Niewerth
> (902) 981-6078
> asascha.niewerth at gmx.de <sascha.niewerth at gmx.de>
> linkedin.com/in/sascha-niewerth
> Thanks for taking a look,
> Robbie
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