[nSLUG] Experience with FiberOp?

Joel Maxuel j.maxuel at gmail.com
Sat Nov 25 15:36:05 AST 2017


Amid the black Friday deals, I found a discount for Bell's FiberOp.  I
signed up but am still able to back out until the actual installation

I won't ask about value (since the dualopoly does not allow for much
competition as it is anyway), but I have a few practical questions...

- Is the router web interface (if applicable, I hear the conversion boxes
come with routers built in these days) Linux friendly?  As well, are they
flexible enough for advanced features such as port forwarding?

- If anyone uses a VPN as well, have there been any issues with their use?
My current provider blocks the remote servers after some time.

- If hosting any services on the side (I have remote access stuff enabled
for my mobile devices) do you find that the IP address changes often or any
sort of blocking of ports?

- Any other considerations I should be aware of?

Many thanks.

Joel Maxuel
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