[nSLUG] Free Goods update

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Fri Nov 10 11:59:04 AST 2017

Good Day.

An update.

The unit with the Server 2003 and Intel SDS2 server motherboard is still in the server case. 


This case has a dual redundant power supply.

Because I get the NSLUG messages as a digest a day or two later, and not in real time, it is best to call or text.

Call or text to this number  902-499-5250

The server case will accept either motherboard which is in these offers.  

It is probably not small enough to take on a transit bus.  

The install on the drives with Centos 6 installed, was updated to Centos 6.9 using yum before removal from the case.  So 
anyone setting this up would have an up-to-date Centos already to run.


Jim Haliburton

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