[nSLUG] Why is ntp so terrible?

Joel Maxuel j.maxuel at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 23:40:44 AST 2017

For the purpose of the mailing list, I don't think all those steps are
necessary for either end (noone has to force another down a certain
path while list is the middle-man), since GNU Mailman has the
convert_html_to_plaintext option already in admin settings, it would
just need to be set (if I understand the option correctly).


I forced plain text mode on this message just in case.  Hope this
message doesn't cause any issue.

Joel Maxuel

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On Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 5:35 PM, Mike Spencer <mspencer at tallships.ca> wrote:
> Bill Davidson <billdavidson at eastlink.ca> wrote:
>> Well that sucks:
>> So html, using utf-8, and base64 encoded, just to send a few words
>> of text.
> Just so.
>> Luckily most modern mail programs can handle that without a
>> problem...
> I'm with Dan Geer on this. [1] I read email in GNU Emacs 20.7 [2].  I
> *can* unpack base64, untangle UTF-8 [3], fix quoted-printable, save
> HTML to a file and render it with something else.  I *can*, if
> absolutely neccessary, unpack/reformat almost any crap that Windoes,
> Macs, Android, gmail etc. apply (although docx stumps me.)  But I
> don't.
> An HTML-enabled email client is evil because HTML can pull in any
> amount of anything from anywhere as well as enable active scripting.
> It's  all part of the trend exemplified by, say, the WaPo that replies
> to a web request with ca. 450K of js and markup surrounding ca. 45K of
> readable text and *then* also pulls in maybe 2M of other stuff from a
> dozen other sites.  If your email client enables HTML, it enables the
> sender, the sender's software, the mail service providers software
> (and others?) to insert all that stuff which your client then
> faithfully fetches, renders or executes.  Or maybe not, but do you
> know? [1, again]
> Well, I'm an increasingly Cranky Old Geezer.  Good luck, Bill, with
> taming your tablet. :-)
> - Mike
> [1] Given what I know in the cyber security arena, the number of
>     things that, in effect, nobody understands how they work causes me
>     to say, well, then why do I want to depend on it?
>     http://arstechnica.com/sponsored/cia-cybersecurity-guru-dan-geer-doesnt-use-a-cell-phone/
> [2] Never say never, but so far it's more trouble than it's worth to
>     figure out how to disable all the new, unwanted "features" in
>     later versions.  Mendokusai.
> [3] I know, ACSII is a proper subset of UTF-8.  But "modern" software
>     takes it upon itself to distinguish between left & wright single
>     and double quote, between "--" and long dash inter alia and insert
>     the UTF-8 "proper" typography.  We'll be seeing gratuitous
>     insertion of UTF-8 codes for the fi, ffi, fl, ffl and other
>     ligatures RSN.
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