[nSLUG] HP OfficeJet printer problems.

Frank Geitzler frank.geitzler at ns.sympatico.ca
Thu Mar 9 10:59:49 AST 2017

Thanks, Joel and Johann.  I entered hplip, then hp-setup and hp-check.  
hp-check had 12 errors -Missing Required Dependencies and Missing 
Optional Dependencies.  I used Synaptic to refresh my package lists, 
then went down the list of missing/incompatible depencies, and by 
applying all the un-inststalled items I found from the list of 
missing/incompatible... I was able to resolve all but one -but that was 
the big one.    After applying all the packages I noted from my list of 
12 errors, except for libcups2, which was already installed, I reran 
hp-setup and hp-check, and the single error 'libcups2 package is 
missing/incompatible' still existed, and when I attempt to print 
anything on either of my two hp DeskJet printers (old 6200 and  new 
3830' no printer is available -just the option to print to file...

I have tried searching with queries such as:

hp-check in Ubuntu 16.04LTS shows libcups2 package is missing/incompatible

Most of the responses want me to download/install Canon printer driver 
for Ubuntu -which makes no sense.  Should I delete and re-install the 
libcups2 package?  If I do this, what other steps should I take at the 
same time?

Thanks for your help.


On 2017-03-08 12:58 PM, Johann Tienhaara wrote:
> As Joel mentioned, running the setup command for hplip is
> probably all you have to do.  I believe the command is
> either hp-setup or hplip-setup or something like that.  If
> you type "hp" then hit <TAB> from the commandline, you'll
> see all the junk HP installs.
> The setup command pops up a window asking you to choose
> network/USB/etc, and once you've filled in a few details,
> it installs the CUPS printer.  But you'll still have an HP
> window pop up every time you print, and it's generally
> easier to control print jobs from the HP window than from
> standard Gnome or etc CUPS interfaces.
> <forgive the rant>
> When I dealt with the frustration of an HP Officejet, I had
> to repeatedly re-install the printer and delete the old
> instance.  The LCD died after a few months.  And after a few
> years the whole printer got totally jammed and it's sitting
> in my front hall waiting to be punted into the scrap heap
> where it belongs (replaced with a cheap monochrome Brother
> laser printer, which suits my purposes and doesn't suck
> colour ink).  The only arguably good thing that came out of
> my whole experience with that printer was the 30V power
> supply, which will likely sit in my hobbies pile for the
> rest of my life, waiting for me to get around to finding a
> use for it and/or motivation to put it to use.
> </forgive the rant>
> Hope I was just unlucky and the printer serves you well!
> Johann
>>> I do so, but now the Ubuntu 16.04LTS system doesn't
>>> think I have any printers.  When I attempt to print a
>>> text file (file -> print ) from LibreOffice, no printers
>>> Does anyone have any suggestions?are listed -only a
>>> suggestion that I write the output to a file.
>> By the way,did HPLIP go through the configuration process
>> on install?  If not, then you will need to find the
>> configuration command for it torecreate the printer.
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