[nSLUG] HP OfficeJet printer problems.

Johann Tienhaara jtienhaara at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 8 12:58:32 AST 2017

As Joel mentioned, running the setup command for hplip is
probably all you have to do.  I believe the command is
either hp-setup or hplip-setup or something like that.  If
you type "hp" then hit <TAB> from the commandline, you'll
see all the junk HP installs.

The setup command pops up a window asking you to choose
network/USB/etc, and once you've filled in a few details,
it installs the CUPS printer.  But you'll still have an HP
window pop up every time you print, and it's generally
easier to control print jobs from the HP window than from
standard Gnome or etc CUPS interfaces.

<forgive the rant>
When I dealt with the frustration of an HP Officejet, I had
to repeatedly re-install the printer and delete the old
instance.  The LCD died after a few months.  And after a few
years the whole printer got totally jammed and it's sitting
in my front hall waiting to be punted into the scrap heap
where it belongs (replaced with a cheap monochrome Brother
laser printer, which suits my purposes and doesn't suck

colour ink).  The only arguably good thing that came out of
my whole experience with that printer was the 30V power
supply, which will likely sit in my hobbies pile for the
rest of my life, waiting for me to get around to finding a
use for it and/or motivation to put it to use.

</forgive the rant>

Hope I was just unlucky and the printer serves you well!


> > I do so, but now the Ubuntu 16.04LTS system doesn't
> > think I have any printers.  When I attempt to print a
> > text file (file -> print ) from LibreOffice, no printers
> > Does anyone have any suggestions?are listed -only a
> > suggestion that I write the output to a file.


> By the way,did HPLIP go through the configuration process
> on install?  If not, then you will need to find the
> configuration command for it torecreate the printer.

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