[nSLUG] HP OfficeJet printer problems.

Frank Geitzler frank.geitzler at ns.sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 5 23:07:35 AST 2017

I have been having problems with my new HP 3830 OfficeJet. Whenever I 
attempt to print from Ubuntu 16.04LTS, the print job is immediately 
held, and when released, is immediately held again. When I print from a 
Windows printer, there is no problem.  I was able to print from Ubuntu 
16.04LTS to my other printer, an old HP OfficeJet 6210, but in an 
attempt to resolve my problem I followed a set of instructions I found 
online today, which suggested that I execute the following four commands:
     sudo apt purge cups cups-client cups-bsd
     sudo apt purge hplip hpijs printer-driver-gutenprint
     sudo apt install cups cups-client cups-bsdsudo apt install hplip 
hpijs printer-driver-gutenprint

I do so, but now the Ubuntu 16.04LTS system doesn't think I have any 
printers.  When I attempt to print a text file (file -> print ) from 
LibreOffice, no printers Does anyone have any suggestions?are listed 
-only a suggestion that I write the output to a file.

Can anyone help?

Perhaps someone at NSLUG at Uncommon Grounds will have an idea tomorrow 


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