[nSLUG] Halifax Computer Club (HCC) Thursday, June 29th Meeting Schedule updated

Frank Geitzler frank.geitzler at ns.sympatico.ca
Wed Jun 21 14:39:10 ADT 2017

The meeting schedule for HCC has been updated, to show our meeting next 
week.  Topics are shown as:

     Porting DOS Scripts to Linux        and

     USB Device Speed Comparison.

Joel Maxuel, of the NSLUG group, will do a presentation which he 
describes as:

'Inspired by DOS: With the resources and knowledge amassed by a fellow 
HCC member for use in DOS, Joel has been "porting" much of this work 
over to the GNU/Linux command line.  A work in progress, he has uploaded 
some of the examples online to share.  He will be providing a 
presentation and short demo of the work thus far.'

Bill Marchant describes his presentation as:
'I have done some backup tests using ubuntu and various usb devices.  I 
have some interesting numbers regarding the speeds of USB3 vs other 
versions of USB.  Might use a half hour.'.

The complete schedule for the next three months can be found at:
and all other club information can be found at:

Hope to see you all there.
Frank Geitzler

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