[nSLUG] BIOS updating

Dave Flogeras dflogeras2 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 17:06:29 ADT 2017

Hey all, probably many know this, but it was a new discovery on me, and if
it even helps one other person, all good.

So the latest Intel MEI nastiness has prompted a round of BIOS updates on
machines new and old.  It turns out that for systems that don't support
flashing your firmware from the BIOS itself (a fairly new feature, and even
on new hardware not always present), you have the option of using FreeDOS.
I think I knew this before, but what I didn't know was that systemrescuecd
(which most of us have within 5 feet of our persons at all times) has
freedos buried in its boot menu.  If you put your DOS executable for
flashing on a USB drive, and boot up, you can find the USB stick on C:\ or
D:\ (depending on what USB drives are currently plugged in) and update
directly from there.  There's lots of guides online so I wont try to
explain all permutations, but maybe someone out there was like me and
didn't realize systemrescuecd had this capability.

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