[nSLUG] Re: Cat 5 Cabling

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sat Jul 15 16:18:36 ADT 2017

Thanks for the pointers, Frank and Baha.  But so far, I've managed not
to do shopping on line. [1] Never say "never", but Jim's "couple of
things to note" make the point. When I go into (probably) RAE, I can
carry a piece of cable with me and say "Tool and connectors for
*this*."  On line, I'd like as not get the wrong or mismatched bits.

Jim, your notes are timely.  I haven't looked but I imagine that the
boxed cable I have in place but unconnected is solid wire.  So your
pointers on what to get and what to do to connect it are apropos.
Knowing some key jargon words is often useful as well.

This isn't an urgent or priority project but since I've gone to the
trouble of putting part of it in place, I'd like eventually, to see
it working.

Tnx all,
- Mike

[1] But I may be wangled into ordering jeans on-line.  Repeated
    efforts by my friendly neighborhood men's wear shop to order in
    550-style black Levis in my size have failed repeatedly for months
    despite Levi Strauss listing them on-line as a current product.

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