[nSLUG] Re: WIFI dongle for linux?

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed Jul 12 17:43:11 ADT 2017

Ron Dewar <epiman46 at gmail.com> wrote:

> connectors and crimping tool can be purchased at RAE electronics in
> Burnside.

Oh, well, good.  I managed to find it once before; I can do it again. :-)

> Home Depot may have similar, but you might have to buy a box of
> connectors.

No Home Depot in Bridgewater but easier to get to from here than
Burnside.  And I don't have any connectors anyhow.

> Do the job right, and terminate in a junction box, with a female
> socket (also from Home Depot).

I have some female wall sockets, just omitted to say so to minimize
details in a possibly ignorant question.

> I've never had a problem with home-crimped cat5.  Of course, I have
> had to re-do ones that I don't get right the first time, which is a
> little annoying.  But the connectors (male plugs) are pretty cheap
> at RAE, and the female connectors can be re-wired if you get them
> wrong

All good.  I actually have the cable in place, partly in the weeds and
partly inside buried 4" plastic pipe where it might get trodden on.
Have put off snaking the home- and studio-ends because I didn't know
how to terminate them.

I could in theory do wifi 100' from studio to house.  It *does* work
but intervening foliage and large amounts of cast iron and steel gear
around the forge make it very intermittent and flaky.

Thanks for the pointers,
- Mike

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