[nSLUG] WIFI dongle for linux?

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connectors and crimping tool can be purchased at RAE electronics in
Burnside.  They now have a minimum purchase of $10, but the crimper is $40,
easy.  maybe more.  Home Depot may have similar, but you might have to buy
a box of connectors.  Do the job right, and terminate in a junction box,
with a female socket (also from Home Depot).  I've never had a problem with
home-crimped cat5.  Of course, I have had to re-do ones that I don't get
right the first time, which is a little annoying.  But the connectors (male
plugs) are pretty cheap at RAE, and the female connectors can be re-wired
if you get them wrong

On Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 4:49 PM, Mike Spencer <mspencer at tallships.ca> wrote:

> > ...Princess Auto, up in Burnside.  I took a quick trip up there, and
> > purchased a new Cat6 RJ45 male/male Belkin Gold Series cable in a
> > sealed package for $13.79, including tax.  They had other 50'
> > cables, not quite up to the same standard, unpackaged, for about the
> > same price, and 75' and 100' cables for not too much more.
> I have a bunch of cat5 ethernet cable but without connectors.
> Where do I get (male) connectors/plugs, the tool to attach them and
> instructions for using the tool?  I assume I need the latter because
> it looks a bit more complicated than attaching the plugs on phone
> cables.
> I have the tool for phone cables, have used it several times.  OTOH, I
> recall seeing some mention to the effect that manually attached cat5
> connectors are unreliable or flakey.
> I have just one reason to know/do this: I'd like to run a cable fropm
> house to studio, ca. 100' away (plus, say, 40' max inside the
> building).  Have the cable but no connectors/plugs.
> Suggestions welcome.
> - Mike
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