[nSLUG] Re: WIFI dongle for linux?

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed Jul 12 16:49:20 ADT 2017

> ...Princess Auto, up in Burnside.  I took a quick trip up there, and
> purchased a new Cat6 RJ45 male/male Belkin Gold Series cable in a
> sealed package for $13.79, including tax.  They had other 50'
> cables, not quite up to the same standard, unpackaged, for about the
> same price, and 75' and 100' cables for not too much more.

I have a bunch of cat5 ethernet cable but without connectors.

Where do I get (male) connectors/plugs, the tool to attach them and
instructions for using the tool?  I assume I need the latter because
it looks a bit more complicated than attaching the plugs on phone

I have the tool for phone cables, have used it several times.  OTOH, I
recall seeing some mention to the effect that manually attached cat5
connectors are unreliable or flakey.

I have just one reason to know/do this: I'd like to run a cable fropm
house to studio, ca. 100' away (plus, say, 40' max inside the
building).  Have the cable but no connectors/plugs.

Suggestions welcome.

- Mike

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