[nSLUG] WIFI dongle for linux?

Frank Geitzler frank.geitzler at ns.sympatico.ca
Wed Jul 12 15:58:01 ADT 2017

Thanks for all your helpful suggestions.  I had initially thought that a 
USB wifi connection  would be the simplest and least expensive option to 
connect a desktop system to the internet.  I had seen prices for long 
network cable which seemed to be almost equivalent to the cost of the 
USB dongles I had seen.

I was speaking with Richard Bonner yesterday about the cost of a long 
cable, and he suggested that I try Princess Auto, up in Burnside.  I 
took a quick trip up there, and purchased a new Cat6 RJ45 male/male 
Belkin Gold Series cable in a sealed package for $13.79, including tax.  
They had other 50' cables, not quite up to the same standard, 
unpackaged, for about the same price, and 75' and 100' cables for not 
too much more.  Since I wanted the internet connection for a desktop 
system I acquired last week, and since the ceiling of my basement 
computer area is unfinished, that works out well for me.

Frank Geitzler

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