[nSLUG] WIFI dongle for linux?

Frank Geitzler frank.geitzler at ns.sympatico.ca
Mon Jul 10 22:15:45 ADT 2017

I acquired a Lenovo desktop E7500 system last week, and installed Ubuntu 
16.04 on it to do some experimentation.  The system does not have a wifi 
card, and I would like to acquire a USB2 wifi dongle.  A-1 Laptop at the 
Dartmouth Shopping Centre has two models -an Airlink N150, and an 
Airlink N300.  The paper documentation for each of these models in the 
store assures the purchaser that each dongle will work with many models 
of Windows and Apple, but does not mention Linux drivers.  Has anyone in 
either club any experience with either of these dongles (or any others) 
running under Linux which you could recommend?


Frank Geitzler

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