[nSLUG] Executable won't execute on Debian Stretch

Joel Maxuel j.maxuel at gmail.com
Sat Jul 1 10:22:20 ADT 2017

I thought Google/Alphabet took flash out of Chrome (or blocked its use),
around the same week Adobe started to support it for Linux again?


Joel Maxuel

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On Sat, Jul 1, 2017 at 6:11 AM, D G Teed <donald.teed at gmail.com> wrote:

> I thought I had read the seamonkey project was dead.
> I stopped using it awhile back when I could see it
> wasn't as stable as in the early days.
> Chrome is really the only way to go in Linux, because Flash
> is discontinued for Linux, and there are still
> interfaces for products like VMware and Fortinet
> which require a bit of Flash.
> Really, these days with security exploits coming out
> about every second day, you want to use a browser (and plugins)
> that is well supported and frequently updated.
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