[nSLUG] Software and books 'up for grabs'.

Frank Geitzler frank.geitzler at ns.sympatico.ca
Thu Jan 19 17:38:15 AST 2017

A fiend who retired several years ago has decided to downsize his
software, games, and book collection to make room for his wife's sewing
room.  He tells me that he obtained some (Windows) software as part of
his retirement package, in anticipation of buying a new computer, and
having more time to perhaps learn a new language or two.  Anyone who has
retired will know that available time does not necessarily increase with
retirement -life has a way of changing your priorities.  
He hasn't given me much of a list on the phone today, but he says he has
some shrink-wrapped books and software for C#, VB-Net, and some variety
of Java.  He says he has quite a few hard-covered Fantasy and
Science-Fiction books and some games, including some C64 games (not sure
of the media for the C64 -could be anything).  If you could be
interested in any of these things, please droop me a note directly (not
to club site) advising me of your area of interest (computer books &
software, games, C64, Fantasy books, S.F. books, etc.   I may have more
detailed information in a few days, so I might be able to detail what
might interest certain individuals.
Frank Geitzler 
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