[nSLUG] A problem with Adobe faash and Firefox in Ubuntu

Frank Geitzler frank.geitzler at ns.sympatico.ca
Wed Jan 18 22:57:43 AST 2017

I have an old laptop running Ubuntu 12.04LTS (the hardware won't support
anything more recent).  I wanted to look at a video of my daughter
playing her flute at a funeral, and the website advised that the adobe
flash plugin for Firefox needed to be updated.  I immediately did so,
and firefox crashed.  I would like to back out the update, but haven't
been able to do so.  Synaptic change history  says that my installation
 removed flash-plugin-installer(
and installed

i would like to remove the adobe flash player, to see if Firefox is
useable, butI can't seem to get Synaptic to show me the list of
installed programs, so that I could mark those two to be removed.

I Googled "How can I remove adobe flashplugins from Ubuntu 12.04LTS",
and the most applicable suggestion seemed to be:
    sudo apt-get --reinstall flashplugin-installer
I tried that, and was told that was not a valid command.

Can anyone suggest something else I might try?  I would prefer to stay
with Firefox, rather than Chrome...

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