[nSLUG] Re: WiFi and ethernet too: how to make eth0 & wlan0 both work?

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sat Feb 25 02:44:00 AST 2017

Oliver wrote:

> The wicd daemon is automatically started as a system service.


> The XFCE session manager automatically starts "wicd-gtk --tray"
> right on login.

I use the curses client in an xterm because twm doesn't support

> I switch between wired and wireless simply through the wicd UI (from
> the system tray).  No low-level configuration, nothing.

So you switch back and forth, dropping your wifi lease/addy, then
reconnecting?  So you don't have both connections working at once?
That would have done for my purpose, which was to telnet to the
desktop to copy some long URLs into the laptop's browser.  Clumsy but

> Usually I let it connect to a wireless network.  When I plug in
> ethernet, that shows up as an option in the wicd UI and I can select
> it.

Well, maybe that would have worked.  Normally, I kill the wicd daemon
when using a cable at home because it works that way more reliably --
no idea why. 

> Maybe you are trying to configure too much low level stuff, making
> things complicated that would work out of the box?

Maybe.  The main config thing that has to be done at home is to do
"ethtool -s eth0 speed 10" because my router will only respond to that
despite claiming 100.  (I'm keeping the router because it has a
parallel port for my old laser printer that's still working fine.)

- Mike

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