[nSLUG] WiFi and ethernet too: how to make eth0 & wlan0 both work?

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Fri Feb 24 01:10:48 AST 2017

Novel problem for me.

I temporarily have my laptop talking to the internet via wireless on a
cell phone set to act as an access point.  Works fine, using wicd.

Now I would like to plug an ethernet cable into the laptop and also
talk to my desktop via my own LAN router which is not connected to the
internet, just to 3 local machines and a printer.

But configuring eth0 with ethtool seems to cause wicd to drop the wifi
connection.  I can only get the cabled connection to work by killing

If I establish the cable connection first, I can then start the wicd
daemon from /etc/rc.d/rc.wicd okay.  But then starting the wicd client
and connecting to the wifi access point causes the cable connecion to
go "Network unreachable".

I really don't know what I'm doing here.  Even if both were working,
there would have to be a way to make a command (say, ping) use the
desired interface.

Any short answers or pointers to longer answers I can read?

- Mike

Michael Spencer                  Nova Scotia, Canada       .~. 
mspencer at tallships.ca                                     /( )\
http://home.tallships.ca/mspencer/                        ^^-^^

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