[nSLUG] Giveaway: A couple miscellaneous pieces

Joel Maxuel j.maxuel at gmail.com
Sat Apr 29 21:25:51 ADT 2017

Hi all,

I was cleaning up my basement of old parts and boxes today, and have come
across a few pieces I have no use for.  Since I have no hardware to try
them with, I cannot test their livelihood but from memory they were working
when I stored them away.  (I would like to say I am not that bad of a pack
rat, but in my cleaning adventure I came across a broken "shovel handle"
that I had cobbled from a coat rod because the previous handle broke as
well and yet I still wanted - at the time - to save the plastic "D" handle
screwed to the coat rod.)

The components include:

o 2x ASUS Master/Slave IDE ribbons (never used, still sealed in original

o 2x PC2700 DDR 512MB (each) Laptop RAM sticks (not a pair as one is Hynix
and the other Nanya) - 333MHz CL2.5

o 1x  EtherLink III LAN PCMCIA 2.0/2.1 card (single height/Type II and
dongle is among the missing) - 10Mbps rated speed

Given their age, I would be grateful that can still be used somewhere so I
am not associating a dollar value to them.  Feel free to claim as much or
as little of the small pile.

Finally, although aside from my delivering them to an upcoming NSLUG
meeting (like this coming Monday, let me know before the day though), they
will be pickup only.

Thank you.

Joel Maxuel

"One should strive to achieve, not sit in bitter regret."
 - Ronan Harris / Mark Jackson
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