[nSLUG] Re: Emacs + LXDE

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Tue Apr 11 21:00:43 ADT 2017

Douglas Guptill <dguptill at accesswave.ca> wrote:

> On Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 12:09:55PM -0300, robbie macg wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Set up a new install on a little netbook I inherited recently. I'm running
>> Fedora 25 with an LXDE front end. So far so good, except for one thing...
>> When I run Emacs (GUI) there's some kind of miscommunication that results
>> in the minibuffer (bottom part of the application window where commands
>> appear as you type them) rendering behind the panel at the bottom of the
>> screen or otherwise out of view. Google offers little in the way of advice.
>> Any LUG members have thoughts about how I should try to tackle this problem?
> Dump the 'emacs' package, and install 'emacs-nox'.  Then start emacs
> like this: 'lxterminal -e emacs file-name', or just 'emacs'.  F10
> will get you a menu bar.

Not sure about behaviour under LXDE but what you suggest may have

I routinely run emacs both as an X-native app (in its own
self-generated window) and "emacs -nw" in an xterm.  If you only
install the emacs-nox package, the result should be similar to running
"emacs -nw" in a terminal emulator (xterm or lxterminal).

But emacs -nw in an xterm is not fully X-aware.  For example, 
long lines displayed in emacs with line wrap (truncate-lines off)
display a '\' character at the right margin to indicate a wrapped
line.  Using the mouse to copy and paste such lines from "emacs -nw"
in an xterm copies both the backslash and the bogus newline.  From an
ordinary emacs window in X, emacs is aware of X, understands that the
'\'  and '\n' are not part of the text and the paste (say of a long
URL into a browser) proceeds as expected.

There may be other similar gotchas.

- Mike

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