[nSLUG] Emacs + LXDE

Douglas Guptill dguptill at accesswave.ca
Tue Apr 11 20:22:23 ADT 2017


On Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 12:09:55PM -0300, robbie macg wrote:

> Hi,
> Set up a new install on a little netbook I inherited recently. I'm running
> Fedora 25 with an LXDE front end. So far so good, except for one thing...
> When I run Emacs (GUI) there's some kind of miscommunication that results
> in the minibuffer (bottom part of the application window where commands
> appear as you type them) rendering behind the panel at the bottom of the
> screen or otherwise out of view. Google offers little in the way of advice.
> Any LUG members have thoughts about how I should try to tackle this problem?

Dump the 'emacs' package, and install 'emacs-nox'.  Then start emacs
like this: 'lxterminal -e emacs file-name', or just 'emacs'.  F10 will
get you a menu bar.


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