[nSLUG] Directory Maven

Richard Bonner ak621 at chebucto.ns.ca
Sun Apr 9 08:23:13 ADT 2017

On Sat, 8 Apr 2017, Joel Maxuel wrote:

> I guess I didn't know "select" existed - I was aware of "choose" in DOS,
> and was reminded of that when I was working on this, but I guess I went to
> design a "select" myself instead of asking the right question.

***   That would be `CHOICE.com' in DOS.  (-:

> I should still note that the find process is slow for me.  Even my 
> laptop equipped with an SSD took several seconds to find all the 
> bin's in /home/joel (there is 140,000+ directories to compare names 
> of because I have some android source there, for example).

> I am wondering if there is a way to leverage the locate database
> and return strictly directories.
> --
> Joel Maxuel

***   In DOS, Directory Maven (DM) does it by scanning each drive 
letter and storing only directories and their paths in a plain-text 
database. DM looks there for each request rather scanning the tree 
each time. It then presents selectable matches in a window that opens 
on the command-line screen.

    DIR has a "Directories Only" switch; I can't remember, does LS have 
an equivalent switch? If so, one could have LS scan for only 
directories and send the results to a file. That could be scanned each 
time a user wants to jump straight to another directory. No tree 

    For me when using DOS, I try to make unique directory names so that 
the DM window never opens; I am just taken immediately to the 
directory I requested. Even when the window does pop up, the choices 
are limited because fewer directories start with the letters I typed. 
Thus, I can make faster selections.

    I should also mention that PKZIP's `PKZFIND' has a directory 
option, but it scans the tree each time. Still, I have found this to 
be useful at times when I just want to jump somewhere within the same 
tree branch.


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