[nSLUG] Re: Encrypted Emails

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Tue May 3 23:00:37 ADT 2016

Paul wrote:

> Occasional Colonic Difficulties

Thank you.

> This comes from so many people...

I don't doubt it.

> ...diagnosing me as being full of sh*t.

No, no.  I readily accept that there *are* good reasons for using
gmail and the diagnosis isn't "full of sh*t" even when they aren't
in evidence.

> If I worried about security I wouldn't use the internet or a phone,
> except for the most vanilla of conversations.

A digital friend travels the world advising on IT in community
development but he's a development guy, not an IT techie.  So he
quickly embraced gmail because it was "always there and the same"
whether from his home desktop of via a cell phone data link from
somewhere in rural Nigeria.  A big win.  Until it wasn't, whereupon,
his day, week and career stopped dead until, after a week or so, he
managed to get someone at Google to find his missing files and restore

Privacy isn't the only matter of concern.

And you're not a No-good Sh*t. :-)

- Mike

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