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On Wed, Jul 6, 2016 at 10:45 PM, Daniel AJ Sokolov @mobile <daniel at falco.ca>

> I generally share the sentiment. But, if you may, can you please explain
> how a Canadian supermarket can profit tax-wise if I donate $2 at the
> checkout?
> How exactly would that work?
I'm reading news articles which say they can't take other people's money
and claim it as their own charity donation.  But I'm not sure it is all
trackable when it is simply done as a cash donation container.  Knowing how
well big business takes advantage of anything available, I wouldn't
be surprised there is some loophole which allows the money to be
as their donation.  For example, if the fund raiser states "proceeds to
it will result in the company getting the tax deduction out of running the
The news articles don't explain how it works if the organization runs their
own charity
foundation, which many of them do.  Perhaps then they benefit at tax time.
In the very least, the company gets the recognition, and the person who
$2 fifty times a year doesn't get to claim it.

I'm all for finding the charity that interests you and donating directly,
and also asking about what they actually spend their funds on.
I was shocked to learn the NS Alzhemier's Society spends
only 10% of their revenues on research.  It is unfortunate that
many lobby groups and charities have become an industry themselves.
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