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On Wed, Jul 6, 2016 at 6:33 PM, Daniel AJ Sokolov <daniel at falco.ca> wrote:

> It has been done years ago to track electronics given to "recycling". It
> ended up on a landfill in Africa or something like that. I don't
> remember the details, but I remember that it was tracked with something
> hidden inside. And that was years ago - so today I expect it to be
> smaller, cheaper, better.
Thank you for your donation.  It has contributed 1mg of gold to the melting

I have read news of junk of all sorts being sent to places where people have
"lost everything".  The thinking is that if they lost it all, they need it
So off go the dog costumes, chandeliers, used washing machines
and all sorts of things. It requires more effort to sort and match up with
real needs than if people only sent money.  The relief workers echoed
this and asked people not to send stuff, as there is no place to
store it and they lack the resources to find a fit.

Here is a NP article from a few months ago:


I can imagine computers being the sort of thing not needed.  Very
few in Fort Mac are going to be interested in your 4 year old laptop with
fading battery life.  Just like you or me, when the thing is dead, you go
"OK, time for an upgrade".  There are a lower income exceptions to that
trend, but generally this is what people with are going to do.

Why is this effort springing to life so late?
I doubt there are people who lost a computer two months ago
and have not replaced it by now.  If they can go this long without it,
they can probably adapt to just using their smartphone.

If a company lost a whole rack, there is a thing called insurance.  If they
forgot to get coverage, maybe they shouldn't be in business.  If only 15%
of the settlements were destroyed, and the downtown was spared, I don't
know why server racks and routers are part of the relief.

The whole thing doesn't make sense to me.  I suspect this is just a latent
to milk people's generosity for corporate gain, just like retailers who take
your $2 donation at the cashier and turn it into a nice sum for
a charity deductible on their taxes.

I like charity that matters, not charity that is just as easy way to
not feel guilty about one's good fortunes.
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